Our Mission

To improve the safety, condition, and accessibility of the world's infrastructure.


- 1 -

We obsess over customers, not competitors.

- 2 -

We believe software does not have to be complicated to do amazing things.

- 3 -

We embrace and drive change.

- 4 -

We are consumed with making the best user experience possible.

- 5 -

We will always pursue 
growth and learning.

- 6 -

We are unreasonably selective 
about our peers.

- 7 -

We build open and honest 
relationships with communication.

- 8 -

We know you can make money 
without doing evil.

Our Team

Our founders have a tremendous amount of experience in the software industry and working closely with several Departments of Transportation in providing proven and effective solutions. Previously, our founders developed CAiCE Software Corporation, an innovative survey, construction and highway design software solution that aided Departments of Transportation and their consultants. Autodesk, the leading design software and digital content company eventually acquired CAiCE Software in 2002.

As a company, Raxar has executed implementations with a variety of both large and medium clients and our proven standards-based methodology has helped us decrease implementation time and increase our ability to service our clients.

Raxar brings a team of experienced professionals available to work with clients to deliver proven solutions through our "Best-In Class" implementations of our products. The Raxar team has over 20 years of experience implementing projects within large organizations and over 3 years implementing specifically the GRAiT System. Our skill sets encompass technical specialists as well as industry and domain focused process engineers who leverage Six Sigma, Lean and Agile strategies.

The Raxar process improvement approach offers a set of high value, result-oriented capabilities that are designed to validate the customer's specific individual strategic management and improvement goals. Our team establishes clear performance standards; map out robust, scalable solutions; manage an enterprise-wide implementation; measure and fine-tune performance; and configure and customize the GRAiT System to help meet customer expectations and performance objectives

Our History

Raxar Technology Corporation is a global thought leader and provider of the next generation of integrated, real-time mobile solutions based on context and sensor technologies. Clients are able to collect, manage and deliver detailed information associated with their assets in real time while utilizing a highly configurable solution. Raxar's proven solutions easily integrate and complement existing implementations further providing meaningful, standardized data that reduces costs, improves decision-making, and streamlines operational processes.

Raxar was founded in Tampa, Florida in response to the growing need for smarter mobile solutions around industrial applications. Through context aware and sensors driven solutions, Raxar seeks to raise the standard of what can be accomplished with mobile devices.

We are driving the current paradigm to shift away from the relative homogeneity of the desk-bound personal computer. Mobile devices provide the means for collecting valuable information in real time while delivering the what, where, when, and how to whoever needs it. Our solutions are cloud based, mobile, easy to use, highly configurable and offer real-time, context aware and sensor-driven intelligence.

How We Work


Describe the problem

  • Project Selection
  • Project Charter
  • VOC, VOB
  • Problem Statement
  • Process Map
Voice of the customer,
Voice of the business
Process Map


Collect baseline data

  • CTQ Metric
  • Assess Procedures
  • Summary Statistics
  • Process Capability
  • Control Chart
Critical to quality
Access Procedure
Summary Statistics


Design Processes & Methods

  • Design IT Architecture
  • Develop Implementation
  • Cause and Effect
  • Training Design
  • Develop Integrations
Design  IT Architecture
Develop Implementation
Develop Integrations


Select the best solution

  • Provide Training
  • Implement & Configure
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Manage Change
  • Go Live
Deliver Process & Methods
UAT Testing


Sustain and further the gains

  • Evaluate Success
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Future Expansion
Evaluate Success
Sustain Change
Future Expansion

Tired of the same old complicated process?

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What makes RAXAR the best solution?


Various teams work on the same system but are delivered content based on their role and permissions.


Integrate various types of sensors that your organization currently uses or wants to use. Whether that is QR/barcodes, IoT devices, connected assets, and much more!


Raxar's core platform was build mobile first to be robust yet extremely intuitive for all field teams to work both online and offline.


Raxar's GRAiT System is API enabled allowing organizations to improve their current systems easily and seamlessly.