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Terminal and Landside Management Solution Suite

Managing your Terminal and Landside operations has truly never been this simple

  • Eliminate the pain of manual scheduling
  • Take control of your Maintenance, Housekeeping and Passenger Experience in a single solution
  • Never miss a task, increase efficiency, and make complex scheduling much simpler.

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Easily match task to the right workers

Be able to quickly choose the available resource that can get the job done

Make scheduling simply by having everything in one view

See workers, tasks, their current status, resources and other valuable info to make the scheduling process easier.

Automate routine tasks across teams

Be able to set and forget routine tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis with our intelligent scheduling, such as preventative WOs  

Manage incoming task requests all the way through closure

Take requests from departments, dispatch them, and track them through to completion

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Terminal and Landside Maintenance Management Solution

The Raxar T&L Maintenance Solution is powerful and flexible so your scheduling and dispatch operations are optimized for your Airports needs and priorities, whether you are looking to boost efficiency, match your existing workorder types, manage prevention or anything in between.

Mobile Preventative and Corrective Work Orders

Tracking all of your work orders and managing prevention can be a daunting task. That is why we build our system to do the heavy lifting for you, from notifying the appropriate worker to tracking time and associated cost items.

Work Order Command Center

Manage every single work order, see its current status, assignees, and collaborate in real time from our command center that incorporates an intuitive board view design so you eliminate the complication and get the job done faster. 

Location Based Asset and Equipment Inventory

Track the location of actual individual assets or equipment inventories so that your team knows exactly where they need to go to handle an issue. Be able to utilize both GIS view and plansets for interior items. 

T & L Self Inspections 

Tie your work orders directly to T&L self inspections that your team are performing so that they can open a work order directly from their checklist, tag its location and notify the appropriate person or team. 

T&L Maintenance Management Software Solution



Planned maintenance ratio

5.6% greater than “World-Class” classification!

This usually costs our clients $697

Terminal and Landside Housekeeping / Janitorial Solution

Send schedules and cleaning details instantly from the scheduling console to the hands of janitorial staff via the Raxar mobile app or through SMS. Get job confirmation right away so you know if you need to assign a different resource.

Mobile and Preventative Work Orders

Dispatch staff members and send them alerts over sms or email so they know what cleaning tasks are assigned to them. Be able to quickly notify them if there is a work order request and its specific location so no time is wasted and it is easy to understand. 

Work Order Command Center

Take all of your Housekeeping/Janitorial tasks and manage them in one easy to understand view. You can take control of your routine tasks and automate their scheduling for future dates so you are never worried about forgetting an important item. 

T & L Self-Inspections

Give your Housekeeping / Janitorial staff intuitive and easy to understand quality self-inspections that they can run through to make sure your airport maintains the highest quality standards and nothing is forgotten.

T&L Janitorial Software Solution


“Being able to track our progress on preventative maintenance throughout the month, as well as how much work each tech is doing, puts us in a way stronger position to manage our maintenance staff.”

Maintenance Manager, Jim Cash

This usually costs our clients $697

Terminal and Landside Passenger Experience Solution

The Raxar T&L Passenger Experience Solution is allows your team to continue to grow, attract more passengers and handle situations quickly when they arise.

Mobile Incident Creation and Reporting

It is vital that when there is an incident it can be controlled with precision and remediated quickly. Whether you are in the back office or on the go, you can create an incident on the fly, perform all necessary documentation based on type, and track it all the way through closure and reporting.

Incident Command Center

Take all incidents and see them in one easy to understand view so you know immediately where incidents are and what their status is. Take control to ensure your team handles the situation appropriately and collaborate when they need your help.


Be able to prevent incidents by incorporating self inspections that are dynamic and comprehensive. Even have the ability to adapt your self-inspections over time WITHOUT PROGRAMMING so your team can use your data to increase performance and reduce risk. 

T&L Passenger Experience Software Solution

5 mins

average work order response time across all facility service’s departments

This usually costs our clients $697

Make compliance simple with our Airside and Part 139 Solution Suite.

It’s never been easier to automate the self inspection process for safety and FAA compliance. Our Airside and Part 139 solution suite is built to fit your airports needs. Replace your manual record keeping with a powerful data collection system that helps your teams collect higher quality information while being faster than ever.

Take your findings and alert other departments instantaneously so that issues can be resolved before they become a risk. Input this information direction while in the airfield, tag the specific location with Planset and GIS integration for more accurate tracking and remediation of issues. All of this information from initial inspection to resolution is available instantaneously upon an FAA audit.

Your team can now react faster, taking action instantly on findings to trigger work orders, incidents, and issues. This way, you won't miss a single thing.

  • Self Inspection Solution
  • ARFF Solution
  • Airfield + Vehicle Maintenance Solution
Airside and Part 139 Airport Software solution

Trusted by Airports Across the Country

Safety Management (SMS) that isn't complicated and easy to stay on top of.

The four pillars of SMS have never been easier to manage. We allow you to finally take control of areas like documentation so that it is all in one convenient and easy to access location, especially during audits. 

  • Safety Assurance Solution
  • Safety Promotion Solution
  • Safety Policy & Documentation Solution
  • Risk & Hazard Management Solution
Airport Safety management system software solution
Airport Audit readiness solution

"1-click Audit" readiness that you never thought possible, today.

Audits can be an extremely stressful and time consuming process. We made sure that you can get ahead by performing mock audits before an FAA inspector ever arrives on site so you remediate risks before they every become an issue. 

During an audit, our audit readiness solution suite allows you to access "1-click" reports that aggregate all your documentation into one place. We have been tried and tested so that you know you are not only getting a solution with the stamp of approval by other airports but by the FAA itself. 

  • FAA Findings Tracker and Corrective Actions Solution
  • Perform Mobile Self Audits Solution
  • Automated Audit Reporting Solution

Take your airport into the next generation.

We've got you covered across all these areas:

Landside + Terminal

Airside + Part 139

Safety Management (SMS)

Occupancy Inventory Management Software

Audit Readiness

See for yourself.

This usually costs our clients $697