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Airfield and Part 139 management software solution

Airside and Part 139 Software Solution Suite

Take control of your Airside Operations and Part 139 Compliance

  • Compliance that is actually easy to manage
  • Manage all aspects of your Airside Ops and Part 139 from Self Inspections, Maintenance, ARFF and even Training logs from one easy to use app
  • 24/7 Audit Ready - on-demand audit reporting that the FAA loves!

Let us help you! We believe in our software so much that we will provide a FREE consultation with a recommendation analysis report in order to help you improve your airport’s safety, compliance and efficiency.

Keep airside teams connected to the back office

Instantly notify other departments when their is a finding or issue

Eliminate cumbersome paperwork

Capture all the data you need from the field with pre-built inspection forms, signatures and photo capture with markups

Faster, more efficient and accurate airside workers

Easy scheduling, task assignment, and notifications allow workers to stay of all the tasks needed to be safe and in compliance

Automatically Sync all your data for reporting and audit readiness

All of your Airfield Operations information automatically syncs from their mobile devices ready for you to review or print an audit report instantly

Ready to make your entire Airside operations more effective?

Schedule an in-depth recommendation, analysis, and demo to find out how Raxar can increase efficiency and transform your Airport operations.

Self Inspections Software Solution

Self-inspections help an airport keep a pulse as to what is going on across the airfield to make sure you are in compliance, get ahead of issues, and keep everyone safe.

Mobile Self-Inspections & Discrepancy Identification (Continuous, Periodic, Daily and Special Inspection)

Our Part 139 Self-Inspection Solution is clean, comprehensive, and simple to use so your Airfield stays compliant and you never miss a thing. From all your regulated Part 139 Self-Inspections to issuing discrepancy work orders to maintenance instantly while on the airfield, our solution handles the heavy lifting and tracks it all.

303 Training Logs and Reporting

Training records, certifications and expiration dates can sometimes be easy to lose track of. That's why we built automatic reminders when items are about to expire and a single source of truth to track and upload your documentation into.

Direct Integration with Maintenance Work Orders

When an issue does arise, it is vital to respond quickly and notify other departments such as maintenance quickly. Our integrated Self Inspections and Work Order management solution tracks the whole lifecycle from inspection, work order initiation, maintenance, self-inspector sign off and closure all on a mobile device.

Always Audit Ready

Run any report you want in an instant. For instance, be able to run reports that track a work order over time from when it was originally found to closure and all associated notes. 

Airside and Part 139 Airport Software solution

“It used to take us hours to compile and trend all work orders each month with a previous vendor that just couldn’t get it right. Now with Raxar, we get it right and it takes me less than a minute to get a better report that I can shoot off to our client.”

General Manager, Jim Oats

This is normally a $697 value to our clients.

Air Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Management Solution

ARFF is a critical part of your Airport safety and incident response. Proper controls and documentation of all ARFF related activities is not only critical to maintaining safe operations but also mandatory as a part of your FAA Part 139 Records.

Complete ARFF records management solution integrated directly with your Part 139 Program.

  • Mobile Incident Management
  • Incident Command Center
  • Fuel Farm and Fueling Apparatus Inspections
  • Vehicle and Equipment Inventory 
  • Mobile Vehicle and Equipment Inspections
  • Training Logs and Reports
  • Document Annual Table Tops and Triennial Incident drills
  • Automated FAA Audit Reports of all ARFF related activities
ARFF management software solution


increase in facility quality metrics in first 12 months

This is normally a $697 value to our clients.

Airfield and Vehicle Maintenance Solution

Completely manage all your airside work orders, track key assets, and never lose track.

Mobile Preventative and Corrective Work Orders

Tracking all of your work orders and managing prevention on the airfield can be overwhelming since the shear number of assets and areas to keep track of. We build out platform to do the heavy lifting for you so you can track items like time and cost items, schedule out routine activities, and automate your down stream reporting needs.

Location based Airfield Asset, Vehicle and Equipment Inventory

Locate all your assets, vehicles and equipment with GIS and planset tagging so that when there is an issue you can easily track that item without any wasted time trying to find it. Be able to update locations with a tap of a finger or by integrating to real-time location tracking devices. 

Mobile Inspection Management with integration to Self-Inspections Program

Tie your work orders directly to airside self inspections that your team may be performing so that they can open a work order directly from their checklist, tag its location and notify the appropriate person or team. This even goes for your Part 139 inspection team, so you can collaborate and quickly remediate issues.  

Airfield Maintenance Software solution

More great features you will enjoy.

Quick & intuitive reporting
Rapid response to incidents and discrepancies
Photo capture with smart library and markups
Automatically generated reports
Sync your to-do list
No service, no problem
Voice to text capture for fast entry
Quickly locate an discrepancy, incident or work order

eliminated 30 mins

per work order with integrated departmental workflows and ability to open, review, and close work order from the field.

This is normally a $697 value to our clients.

Terminal and landside airport operations Management

Terminal and Landside Management all wrapped into one neat bow.

Your Terminal and Landside teams are on the move so give them them the Mobile tools they need. React quickly and never miss a thing with your own centralized dispatch and command center! Empower your Teams to work faster and smarter. Saving precious reaction time while increasing quality and safety

  • Terminal and Landside Maintenance Solution
  • Terminal and Landside Housekeeping / Custodial Solution
  • Terminal and Landside Passenger Experience Solution

Safety Management (SMS) that isn't complicated or difficult to stay on top of.

The four pillars of SMS have never been easier to manage. Finally take control of every aspect including safety assurance, promotion, documentation, and risk management in one convenient, easy to access location.

  • Safety Assurance Solution
  • Safety Promotion Solution
  • Safety Policy & Documentation Solution
  • Risk & Hazard Management Solution
Airport Safety Management Software solution

Trusted Nationwide

Airport Audit readiness solution

Audit Readiness that you never thought possible.

Audits can be extremely stressful and time consuming. We are here to help.

  • Take the guessing out of your audits by using the same checklist your FAA Inspector does.
  • Get ahead of issues with a comprehensive report that identifies your own internal finding before the inspector arrives
  • When the FAA Inspector does arrive, easily and instantaneously generate all of your inspection documentation in a professional easy to review way. Trust us, FAA Inspectors will appreciate it too!

We have been tried and tested so you know that you are not only getting stamp of approval by other airports but by the FAA itself.

  • FAA Findings Tracker and Corrective Actions Solution
  • Perform Mobile Self Audits Solution
  • Automated Audit Reporting Solution

Take your airport into the next generation.

We've got you covered across all these areas:

Landside + Terminal

Airside + Part 139

Safety management icon

Safety Management (SMS)

Occupancy Inventory Management Software

Audit Readiness

See for yourself.

This is normally a $697 value to our clients.