Smart field service scheduling & Dispatching

Make managing field service easy. With Raxar, you can schedule new jobs and appointments, coordinate your mobile employees, and assign new jobs based on employee availability and qualifications.

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One Platform for your mobile workforce

Whether your managing a few jobs a day to hundreds, Raxar is right for you

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Reach more customers every day

Raxar’s intelligent scheduling increases the number of jobs you can handle and reduces the time spent on each call, allowing you to reach more of your customers on any given day.

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Book appointments and track by location

Raxar’s field service platform factors in location information so you can give more accurate timeframes to customers and track your job and crews by their locations.

improve back office efficiency

Improve back office efficiency

Automate your field service scheduling to reduce operating costs and labor commitments, and instantly deliver data from the field to keep business moving.

Analyze and predict job pipeline

Analyze & predict job pipeline

See the availability and capacity of your entire workforce, and generate robust reports to help forecast service demand and manage your mobile workforce.

Pick and choose only what you need.

with our 30 day money back guarantee!

Raxar can help you manage scheduling, dispatch and field service jobs.

With our dispatch center, your field service will be empowered to manage any job, even hundreds per day. Raxar is ideal for scheduling crews and equipment for work based on location, skills and availability.

  • Manage customers, track their work history, key contacts and status
  • Select and assign crews and teams based on location, competency, and availability
  • View work by GIS, location, plan set, list and our easy to use board view
  • Assign and Track Duration of work
fire department software testimonial

We've had very little problems with your tool. I've worked with other vendors that are very nice people to work with, but their tool sucks. You guys have got a very solid tool, so I would say that's a close second to your responsiveness.

Dan Buchman 

Program Manager

SDI Presence

Vehicle and Equipment Management Software

Raxar can help you manage fleet and equipment.

From real-time location tracking with GIS integration, to housing important documentation and quality information. Keep tabs on all of your equipment and your entire fleet, whether they’re on the go or stored, ready for the next job.

  • Manuals, warranties, associated barcodes and work history across departments (not just maintenance!) all in one place.
  • Easily create your own equipment/vehicle types or choose from our pre-built templates
  • Tie directly into your fleet’s associated sensors to allow for real-time tracking, measurements, and workflow triggers
  • Organize hierarchies for association and simplicity

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Some of Our Clients

Raxar can help you manage equipment rentals.

Equipment Rental Management Software

Rental management can be extremely challenging, especially keeping track of which equipment is assigned to which customer, the equipments' location, how much the invoice should be, and making sure everything is returned. Our Equipment Rental Management module can help your team stay on top of all the rentals that you are dispatching. Track it associated with a specific customer and job, be able to do pre and post rental checks, and estimate your invoice cost during the scheduling process. With Raxar, it’s never been easier to manage all of your equipment rentals.

    More great features to take advantage of:

  • Easily create your own equipment/vehicle types or choose from our pre-built templates
  • Tie directly into your fleet’s associated sensors to allow for real-time tracking, measurements, and workflow triggers to departments such as maintenance
  • Dynamic capital planning with value of equipment/fleet, end of life, preventative maintenance, and more.
  • Condition and safety ratings
  • Deliver role specific information about equipment/fleet to your dispatch, crew, maintenance, and other teams so they see what they need with no distractions.
  • Organize hierarchies for association and simplicity
  • Advanced business intelligence anywhere, anytime

Raxar can help you manage maintenance.

Transform the range of tasks you can manage away from your desk.

  • Schedule services and delegate all maintenance tasks against your fleet or equipment
  • Track and add cost items such as time, parts, and materials 
  • Automatically report this information to other departments or vendors
Vehicle Maintenance Management Software

Raxar can help you manage inspection and forms.

We use the embedded sensors to help you collect higher quality information, faster than ever. Collate key data and track it by equipment, vehicle, crew, day/time, type, location, customer and more. Your team can now react faster, taking action instantly on their mobile device to trigger work orders, requests for information, overtime notifications with time tracking and more. This way, you won't miss a single thing.

And, by having inspection and form data drive Key Performance Indicators, you can make smarter, data-driven decisions and boost your teams’ performance.

More powerful features that you may love:

  • Manage inspections and forms across departments such as vehicle and equipment maintenance, quality, safety, dispatch and more
  • Generate inspection and audit reports while in the field or in the back office
  • Capture Photos with mark-ups and metadata (location + direction)
  • Utilize voice to text to gain more efficiency while taking notes
  • Option to make your inspection and audit fields in another language
  • Base inspection templates included or easily customize your own inspections
  • Roll this data up with our Business intelligence suite
  • Collect data online and offline
  • Tie your information to specific locations through GIS and Plan-sets
  • Use measurement device integration to collect readings and other sensor data
  • Option to use scheduler to auto reset routine inspection and notify team of work

Raxar can help you manage your team and certifications.

Get notified if certain skills or certifications are expiring, reducing your compliance and safety risks.

  • Efficiently organize crews based on their skills, competencies, certifications, job and other custom attributes. 
  • Keep track and organize copies of certifications and other documents 
  • Have automated reports and reminders on upcoming expirations

Raxar can help you manage your contacts.

Stop wasting your crew’s time in the field by them fumbling to find the person they need to speak to. Take advantage of our contact library and quickly find the person they need based on where they are and what they are doing.

  • Access contacts while performing tasks such as inspections, field work and safety checks.
  • Manage all key contacts for billing, maintenance, clients and more
  • With a tap, call text or email the appropriate person

Raxar can help you manage your daily reports.

Daily Reports that your crews can use without being time consuming so we help them by making filling out the information incredible intuitive and easy.

  • Create detailed daily work logs while tracking items like weather, deliverables, safety concerns, time, accidents/incidents, equipment usage, or another other miscellaneous notes.
  • Assign tasks with reminders directly from their daily report form.
  • Directly generate your end report in the field and share with the back office without ever leaving the jobsite.
  • Give your dispatch team the ability to track the completion of daily reports and trace any that may have been forgotten about by a specific job crew through dashboards and reports.

Raxar can help you manage your RFIs.

Create RFIs instantly from your daily reports or other job related forms instantly while in the field or in the back office in compliance with your customers standards. Be able to get the easily and direct two way communication that your team needs with your customer so that your RFIs have the fastest possible turnaround times to keep your jobs on track.

Information should flow easily with your RFIs, which is why you can tag specific locations of problems on GIS or jobsite plansets, take photos with markups, add notes and other information that will help the issue get resolved quickly. Tie these workflows in with the customer and contact management module so everyone knows exactly who the right contact is at the right time to speed resolution up even more. In addition, manage all your costs, delays and material items so your team can track RFIs through each stage to closure.

Raxar can help you manage
Costs, Labor, Equipment, and Materials

Take your cost, labor, equipment and materials tracking to the next level by giving your field teams direct access in the field so they input these items directly against their work. Your work orders and job can all have any associated time and materials tagged against them so that your team has direct transparency into costs and usage levels for restocking.

Aggregate this information with our intelligence center for improved capital planning and overall decision making. Translate this information to other departments, like finance, through automated reports or direct integration.

Make your time and materials management so much easier with more great features:

  • Easily add, remove, or transfer parts between different jobs, tasks and work orders
  • Track restock orders with tickets
  • Tie used materials and labor to specific issues, customers and jobs
  • Pull from pre-designated inventory and labor rates to make your workflows much faster on the go
  • Add miscellaneous cost items when the unexpected pops up, even if they aren’t in your predesignated inventory
  • Assign and track duration of work for reducing overtime costs

Raxar can help you manage Workflows.

Good things happen when work flows. With our configurable workflow manager, you can create and manage complex workflows across Raxar modules or external tools like ADP or Twilio. This means that you can create automated sequences of events that occur on a specific job type or event, such as an incident or sensor trigger.

Let’s say a job comes up that needs one foreman, a driver and four crew members. The system can automatically go find the team members for each role in that crew based on training, availability and proximity. Then text those team members seeing if they are available and find a replacement if that person responds no to the text. Once the crew forms the workflow could then change the job status to ready to deploy. All this, customized to your team, your workflows, and your goals.

Take your operations to a place you only thought possible in the future. The possibilities are endless.

Raxar can help you manage your Incidents and Incident Command.

Be able to act immediately with alerts for hazards, and near-misses. With dozens of customizable checklists including field types, statuses, photos, notes, and signatures, you can now collect the crucial information your team needs in a matter of moments.

  • Be able to track and assign your incidents in an easy convenient board view so you can handle the issues with transparency and the information you need, even in the backoffice
  • Give access to key documents including procedures, training guides, and manuals.
  • Assign, Schedule and Delegate tasked based on incident type, availability, skill, and location
  • GIS and Plan Set Integrated for easy location tracking of issues
  • Tie to Equipment, Vehicle, Location, Jobsite or Tasks
  • Maintain accountability and performance
  • Option to tie to our Workflow engine to trigger alerts automatically
  • Approval signatures and sign off

Raxar can help you manage your Permits.

Tracking permits and the approval process across jobs and various crews can be really tedious. With Raxar’s permit management, it takes all the stress out of the process so you can focus on the work at hand and know that everything else is taken care of.

Create and assign permits easily and directly while in the field or back office with the appropriate reference materials and signature signoffs from the appropriate officials. Manage expiration dates all in one convenient place and get reminders on the ones you may have slipped your mind so your team reduces any risks to project delays or compliance issues.

More great features for Permit management you can rely on:

  • Pre-built templates for various permit types or create your own on the fly with no help from IT
  • Be able to get signature sign-off directly in the field from your crew members and city officials
  • Manage expiration dates and upcoming required permits with easy reporting and reminders
  • Be able to have the option to compare worker’s competency to an assigned permit

Raxar can help you manage
Business Intelligence.

Create and assign observations easily and directly while in the field. Give your employee and contractors the kudos they deserve or the reprimands that will make them stronger as needed through our behavioral based observations. In addition, be able to integrate this to the specific location (through GIS or plansets), person, contractor, and jobsite so that you can trend and learn overtime. 

Collect the information you need for the specific type of observation with integrated forms and assign them to the appropriate person. Track these observations all the way through closure with signatures and approvals so never lose site of a learning opportunity. 

Raxar can help you manage Integrations.

With the flexibility of our secure API, your team can tie your operations practices directly into sensors, telematics devices, and other software systems, such as your company’s finance/ERP tools (ex. ADP).

This means building one simple, interwoven system across your entire company, allowing data to flow efficiently between systems in no time, leveraging 100’s of integrations we have with our partners.

No trouble for IT!
No IT needed Construction operations software

Easy back-end for non-technical user!

Build and deploy new forms in under 2 minutes without any programing. This helps your project executives and supers to feel empowered so that they can make changes on the fly as needed. We also understand that business processes change over time so that mean you need a platform that is adaptable to meet your needs. We know your enterprise is not out of the box, so why should your software be.

What makes RAXAR the best solution?


Various teams work on the same system but are delivered content based on their role and permissions.


Integrate various types of sensors that your organization currently uses or wants to use. Whether that is QR/barcodes, IoT devices, connected assets, and much more!


Raxar's core platform was build mobile first to be robust yet extremely intuitive for all field teams to work both online and offline.


Raxar's GRAiT System is API enabled allowing organizations to improve their current systems easily and seamlessly.