Accelerate productivity, make insightful decisions, and increase safety!

Fire and Life Safety Inspection Management System

Whether its your routine inspections, mobile reporting, managing your occupancy inventory, running your billing reports, team performance monitoring, managing hydrants or other intelligence tasks our platform has got you covered.

We match your specific workflows, migrate your data from old tools, and stay by your side even after you Go Live! 

Get your organization off paper or some complicated legacy tool so your team is more efficient, smarter and even happier. 

Next Generation of Fire and Life Safety Inspection Management

Raxar Technology is proud to deliver a robust and intuitive solution for first responders from your crews to inspectors and Chiefs. Collaborative and easy-to-use, Raxar offers an efficient and effective way to manage your routine inspections, ad-hoc inspections, violations, hydrants or other structures, final reporting, and interaction with your finance team for billing (if applicable).

Our first responder inspection software streamlines activities such as the pre-planning process, routine inspections, reporting, and even other workflows like Hydrant management or vehicle management. Talk to us today to see how we can replace or improve your legacy system, simplify your team's workflows, and help increase the safety of your citizens and team members.

For quite some time there have been a few corporate solutions that tried to help first responders take care of their recurring activities, such as routine inspections, but those solutions are clunky, expensive, inflexible and time consuming. That is why we enlisted the help of actual first responders to help us develop a solution that matches your team's needs, while being simple to use and informative. Help get your team the right tool to make their jobs easier, while maintaining better information that will help you keep your citizens and first responders safe.

All In One Routine Inspection, Pre-Planning, and Reporting Software

Fire Inspection Software all in one

How Raxar can help your inspection process?

Accelerate productivity while making insightful decisions during incident response or routine inspections

Integrates maps, floor plans, and containers to locate, navigate, and easily perform actions against occupancies and safety systems

Mobile Safety Inspection Software

Built in NFPA and ICC codes to find compliance issues in extremely quick workflow directly from the field

Open violations, re-inspections, and certificates of occupancy directly in the field with easy-to-use mobile tool

We work with some of the world's most innovative thought-leaders

Some of Our Clients

HC Fire Department
Scappoose Fire Department

Built for

Accelerated Productivity
  • Schedule new and reoccurring inspections, reports, and reminders
  • Complete inspections up-to 70% faster with contextual awareness
  • Quickly inventory assets, document hazards, capture photos, conduct mark-ups, leverage voice-to-text
  • Utilize our Rapid-Deployment-Technology to quickly replace legacy systems and get up and running in a matter of days and weeks, not months or years

Built for

  • Floor plans, building diagrams and site layouts with safety systems overlays
  • Automated pre-plan reports en-route to an incident directly on MDTs
  • Develop optimal tactical approach instantly-saving precious time

Built for

Doing More,
With less
  • Identify, inspect, inventory and report faster
  • Reduce ISO Risk Rating
  • Conduct Post-inspections against pre-inspection data

Improve your First Responder Operations!

Once implemented, the Raxar First Responder System can be utilized to easily capture photos; draw markups; leverage voice-to-text documentation and reference non-compliant findings on map and plan views.

What makes RAXAR the best solution?


Various teams work on the same system but are delivered content based on their role and permissions.


Integrate various types of sensors that your organization currently uses or wants to use. Whether that is QR/barcodes, IoT devices, connected assets, and much more!


Raxar's core platform was build mobile first to be robust yet extremely intuitive for all field teams to work both online and offline.


Raxar's GRAiT System is API enabled allowing organizations to improve their current systems easily and seamlessly.