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Code Enforcement Software

Raxar can help you manage Code Enforcement.

Easy to manage and report. Our clients save over 70% of their time on average from inspections through reporting.  

  • Work Offline so you don't lose your work from spotty connectivity
  • Location enabled for super fast data collection
  • Get up and running in weeks with our prebuilt templates or customize to match your exact forms 
  • Includes spell check, standardized responses, signature and photo markup capture

Raxar can help you manage Preplans.

Preplans can be difficult to get done in traditional ways, but life saving when available at the right time. That's why we made it so easy you can create your next pre-plan in under 15 minutes!

  • Flexibility to use GIS or plansets, if you have them. 
  • Create and track the location of important items (ex. Knox Box) with a tap of your finger
  • During a response, automatically creates your pre-incident plan report with latest information from the field
Fire Preplanning Software
fire department software testimonial

I honestly believe we couldn’t have partnered with a better company to provide us with the tools we need to help keep the citizens of Hillsborough County safe. 

Troy Rozell 

Fire Inspector

Hillsborough County Fire Department

Raxar can help you manage Hydrants.

Track, manage and report on your inventory of Hydrants with ease. Be able to trigger workflows and notifications to other city departments.

  • Hydrants are tracked by GIS location with current condition and safety rating
  • Access important documentation, such as manuals, flowrates, or procedures directly in the field
  • Be able to schedule tasks with reminders with information like type, utilization, end of life, preventative maintenance, and more.
Hydrant Management Software

Raxar can help you manage your fleet and equipment.

Vehicle Tracking Software

From real-time location tracking with sensor integration, to housing important documentation and quality information. We can help you keep track of your vehicles and valuable equipment 

  • Manuals, warrantees, barcodes and work history available anywhere, anytime
  • Track the condition of your trucks and equipment, such as tanks or other expensive assets
  • Easy to perform routine or preventative inspections
  • Understand cost of repairs and see trends over time

Raxar can help you manage maintenance.

Transform the range of tasks you can manage away from your desk.

  • Schedule services and delegate all maintenance tasks against your fleet or equipment
  • Track and add cost items such as time, parts, and materials 
  • Automatically report this information to other city departments or officials
Fire department maintenance management software

Raxar can help you manage your Occupancy Inventory.

Occupancy Inventory Management Software

Have an occupancy inventory that you can rely on and stays a golden copy.

  • During onboarding, we clean your inventory eliminating errors or duplications
  • Create new or modify existing occupancies in the field
  • See everything laid out on a map and be able to create containers and priority zones

Raxar can help you manage
your Photos.

Fire department photo management software

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but only if you can find the right one at the right time. The enhanced mobile image capture and smart library systems are now here to help.

  • Take photos on the go during inspections, add notes and markups
  • Photo's are automatically pulled into your reports or logs
  • Every photo is them auto curated into smart library with full attributions to filter in between

Raxar can help you manage your Permits.

Tracking permits and the approval process across companies and citizens can be really tedious. We take all the stress out of the process so you can focus on the work at hand and know that everything else is taken care of.

  • Pre-built templates for various permit types or create your own on the fly with no help from IT
  • Be able to get signature sign-off directly in the field from your contact or other city officials
  • Manage expiration dates and upcoming requirements with easy reporting and reminders

Raxar can help you manage your team and certifications.

Get notified if certain skills or certifications are expiring, reducing your compliance and safety risks.

  • Efficiently organize crews based on their skills, competencies, certifications, station and other custom attributes.
  • Keep track and organize copies of certifications and other documents 
  • Have automated reports and reminders on upcoming expirations

Raxar can help you manage your contacts.

Stop wasting your crew’s time in the field by them fumbling to find the person they need to speak to. Take advantage of our contact library and quickly find the person they need based on where they are and what they are doing.

  • Access contacts while performing tasks such as inspections, permitting and pre-checks.
  • Manage all key contacts for billing, occupancies, permits and more
  • With a tap, call text or email the appropriate person

Raxar can help you manage
Department Intelligence.

Our no programming interface gives your department the business intelligence without the complication. 

  • Create and run reports and dashboards WITHOUT IT
  • No more time wasted gathering data
  • Trend and learn over time, improve your ISO
Fire Department intelligence software


Raxar can help you manage Integrations.

With the flexibility of our secure API, your department can tie your practices other software systems utilized across your government body’s needs. This means building one simple, interwoven system across your entire department, allowing data to flow efficiently between systems in no time, leveraging 100’s of integrations we have with our partners.