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Airport Safety management system software solution

Safety Management Software Solution Suite

The four pillar, wrapped into one Convenient and Cost effective software

  • Streamline all areas of your safety management from the field to the back office
  • Stay in compliance, never lose track of important items, and rest easy that your are at the highest standard possible in safety
  • Take control of Safety Assurance, Safety Promotion, Safety Policy & Documentation, and Risk & Hazard Management in a single intuitive software solution

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Keep track of potential risks and get ahead

Instantly send scheduled tasks, track important documentation and delivery updates to all key personnel

Measure and mitigate your risk

Capture and maintain all the data you need from the field to administration in one software solution

Get top marks from the FAA that you can be proud of

No more delays waiting for paperwork or reports to come in when data syncs instantly across departments

Get the intelligence without sucking up IT's time

Be able to improve, modify, and add new workflows WITHOUT any programming.

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Safety Assurance Solution

Check your safety assurance program against FAAs Level 1,2,3 standards. Create, assign and track corrective actions to improve the Airports Safety Assurance program.

Checklist and Log all your Safety Assurance Activities

Make sure you cover all the bases of your safety assurance program. We created easy to follow and intuitive checklists that you can follow so you never drop the ball.

Perform a Self Evaluation of your Airports Safety Assurance Activities

Being able to actually check the current status of your Airport's safety assurance activities has never been easier because now you can perform self evaluations quickly. 

Create and Track Corrective Actions to Improve your Airport's Safety Assurance Programs

When you find an issue, log it and be able to track it, as if it was a work order, all the way through to closure. That way you never lose track of where you can improve. Continuous keep checking in so that once you have a baseline you can improve until your set standard. 

Safety Assurance Solution

“I would let anyone else know how simple and easy it is. From actually being the one putting the work order in to being the one pulling them up and trending them. I can very quickly, and easily, see just from color coding, that there’s something wrong.”

Airport Operations Manager, Erin Johnson

This usually costs our clients $697

Safety promotion solution

Safety Promotion Solution

Easily review, track and log all your airports safety promotional activities.

Checklist and Log all your Safety Promotion Activities

Utilize our pre-build checklists for your safety promotion activities or create your own on the fly so you can log everything your Airport is doing to maintain a high quality safety standard. That way you can share and take credit for all the amazing things your team is doing to keep passengers safe.

Perform a Self Evaluation of your Airports Safety Promotion Activities

It is vital that you are able to get a pulse on where you Airport stands in terms of Safety Promotion. With our solution, you can perform self evaluations on the fly, track your findings, and fix issues before they become major problems.

Prevented over


in vehicle maintenance costs through vehicle deployment tracking during incidents

This usually costs our clients $697

Safety Policy and Documentation Solution

Safety Policy & Documentation Solution

Organized and store key safety policies and documents in one place. Quickly log training activities to identify lapsed/missing training before an audit.

Checklist of all Safety Documentation

Our systems takes away the complication of maintaining all your safety documentation because we allow you to upload everything into one place. This includes a comprehensive checklist that covers every area the FAA wants to see so you can be in compliance with ease.

Document Management and Tracking of Key Airport Safety Documentation

When you update a safety document, our software will do the heavy lifting for you and update that document anywhere else it is being linked to or utilized by your teams across the airport. This makes it easy to know everyone is on the same page and working with the same information.

“The analytics and smart thinking behind the Raxar program is what I was looking for in a Part 139 program”

Deputy Director, Mark Sprague

This usually costs our clients $697

Risk & Hazard Management Solution

Quickly identify, locate, log and assess the risk of Hazards on a mobile device whether on the airfield or in the terminal.

Mobile Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments

Take our mobile app into the field with you so that you can identify any potential risks early and have comprehensive checklists so you never miss an item by accident. 

Location Based Both Indoor (floor plans) and Outdoor (GIS)

When you do find a risk or hazard it is crucial that you can communicate its location accurately and quickly. With a tap of your finger you can pinpoint its exact location either on floor plans or using GIS mapping.

Issue Corrective Actions from your Phone and Manage the Reduction of Risk of each Hazard or Accident

If you find a risk or hazard, tag it and create corrective action tickets that can be tracked all the way through remediation. In addition, be able to see all of your findings in one intuitive view with current statuses, data, and reporting. 

Risk and hazard management solution

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Terminal and Landside Airport Maintenance Solution

Landside and Terminal Management all wrapped into one neat bow.

It can be super complicated when there is a software for this and an app for that. We felt like there was an easier way, so we integrated the workflows while keeping them easy to manage. Take your Landside and Terminal teams to a whole new level so you can save time, increase quality, and reduce your software costs. 

  • T + L Maintenance Solution
  • T + L Housekeeping / Janitorial Solution
  • T + L Passenger Experience Solution

Make compliance simple with our Airside and Part 139 Solution Suite.

It’s never been easier to automate the self inspection process for safety and FAA compliance. Our Airside and Part 139 solution suite is built to fit your airports needs. Replace your manual record keeping with a powerful data collection system that helps your teams collect higher quality information while being faster than ever.

Take your findings and alert other departments instantaneously so that issues can be resolved before they become a risk. Input this information direction while in the airfield, tag the specific location with Planset and GIS integration for more accurate tracking and remediation of issues. All of this information from initial inspection to resolution is available instantaneously upon an FAA audit.

Your team can now react faster, taking action instantly on findings to trigger work orders, incidents, and issues. This way, you won't miss a single thing.

  • Self Inspection Solution
  • ARFF Solution
  • Airfield + Vehicle Maintenance Solution
Airside and Part 139 Airport Software solution
Airport Audit readiness solution

"1-click Audit" readiness that you never thought possible, today.

Audits can be an extremely stressful and time consuming process. We made sure that you can get ahead by performing mock audits before an FAA inspector ever arrives on site so you remediate risks before they every become an issue. 

During an audit, our audit readiness solution suite allows you to access "1-click" reports that aggregate all your documentation into one place. We have been tried and tested so that you know you are not only getting a solution with the stamp of approval by other airports but by the FAA itself. 

  • FAA Findings Tracker and Corrective Actions Solution
  • Perform Mobile Self Audits Solution
  • Automated Audit Reporting Solution

Take your airport into the next generation.

We've got you covered across all these areas:

Landside + Terminal

Airside + Part 139

Safety Management (SMS)

Occupancy Inventory Management Software

Audit Readiness

See for yourself.

This usually costs our clients $697